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NEWS UPDATE: Release of the Shakespeare Dictionary App

Shane Ann From Shane Ann, Shakespeare

December 30th: Submitting the Shakespeare Dictionary App
for approval and release.

We started working on the Shakespeare Pronunciation App eighteen months ago and last week we received the final build of the app. The doors of the Apple developer site will be reopened on December 30th, after their customary holiday freeze, allowing our app to be submitted to Apple for their final approval. Our expected release is in January 2016. At the same time the app will go to the Google Play store making it available for androids.

The Shakespeare Dictionary App includes AUDIO pronunciations of every character name, geographic location, mythological reference, and unfamiliar words found in the plays of Shakespeare. Each word is respelled and has a pronunciation guide which is simple to follow. The app also has sections on how the verse structure influences pronunciation, and suggestions for the accents and dialects that are used in the plays. It is valuable tool for anyone who studies, performs, and enjoys Shakespeare.

For more information about this new app, to stay in touch with latest news or to reserve your copy, please visit

Thanks to everyone for your patience and tremendous support. We are as excited as all of you to be able to use this new app and see and hear the benefits it will bring.

Here is a sneak-peek of some of the features on the app:

Shakespeare dictionary app

Front Page

Shakespeare dictionary app

Easy Searching

Shakespeare dictionary app

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Shakespeare dictionary app

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